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From: Project freebibleschool
This is VERY exciting! Since we registered with the optional crowd share system we have had a constant flow of funds coming in. It is not a lot but enough to meet our weekly cost's for the Bible School, which means that it is no longer out of 'our pocket!'
We only managed to refer one other project and the thecrowdsite system allocated us one and it has been slowly growing ever since.
Thanks a lot management, we appreciate your input in this!

I have found this site very easy to use by using the Members Manual as well as being to get active help and advice from admin. I have registered on the CrowdShare system and am quite happy that I have made a few Rand there already.
Thanks thecrowdsite.com!

After many years in the NGO field and numerous time consuming failed attempts to access grants I decided to try Crowd Funding. What a debacle! Some sites only specialize in certain fields and others impose time restrictions on how long you have to raise the funds. One site even keeps all the money if one does not achieve target. And for that they mostly deduct 5% of your funds for the privilege.
thecrowdsite is a breath of fresh air. I get to keep every cent raised and they do not interfere with me at all. I have also done quite well with the CrowdShare project. Viva thecrowdsite!

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